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Our modern dental clinic offers complex dental care for adults and children at the highest level to its patients.

We base on the newest information from stomatology area in our work and utilisation of modern technologies ensures painless and non-stressful treatment of your teeth.


Preventive dentistry

Preventive care is basic and the most important sphere not only of dentistry but of medicine at all. Its task is to prevent illnesses (primary prevention), to diagnose ingressive disease in the beginning, to prevent its deterioration by early treatment (secondary prevention) and to prevent cumulative complications consequential from an illness (tertiary prevention).

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Children dentistry

We are pleased to take care of children patients older than 6 years of age in our facility.

Within children’s dentistry, we mainly put stress on reducing needless stress and fears of the littlest patients of ours of a dental clinic visit. Therefore, a conversation with a child and introduction of our pleasant milieu precede a treatment of our littlest clients. Our “colleague” fishlet Nemo can assist during the medical help on demand and will watch over fast and painless process.

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Aesthetical dentistry

A tooth should be common interest of a client and a doctor. This tooth would not only be quality treated but also with cosmetically and aesthetically suitable looks, in parts of front teeth especially. We use the most modern procedures and materials to reach this goal.

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Prosthodontics deals with replacement of missing teeth. It rehabilitates chewing, phonal and aesthetic function of set of teeth. It is divided into removable and fixed orthotics.

Snapout total or partial orthotics, guyed with clasps or special dentures made of flexible gum (Flexite) which do not contain metallic elements, are lightened and hold with its flexibility. All these belong to removable orthotics.

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In our dental clinic we operate procedures of standard dentoalevolar surgery:

  • elementary and complicated extractions
  • extractions of wisdom teeth
  • root-end resections
  • frenulum modifications
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Ceramic aesthetic facets

Ceramic aesthetic veneers - facets – are recommended for aesthetical correction of tetracycline or other aesthetically minor frontal teeth. It is highly aesthetical pressed ceramics reminding us of a shell which is glued especially to outer spots of teeth which are slightly grinded away.

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Metallic-ceramic fix dentures

Metallic-ceramic fix dentures- dental bridges and crowns- are dentures permanently fixed to own pillars with high aesthetic in these days. They are indicated at losses of one or more teeth when quality pillar teeth are available on which those will be bonded. A core of crowns and also bridges is firm and metallic. Ceramic is burned on it in layers. These dentures are stable in colour and very firm.

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Zircon fixed dentures

Zircon fixed dentures- crowns and bridges– belongs to the above standard fixed dentures with high aestethic quality. They are very firm, without metallic core, what makes them look pretty natural. They are indicated similarly as metallic-ceramic fix dentures, at losses of one or more teeth, also for aesthetical correction of unsuitable shape or color of  one or more patients very own teeth. They are specially indicated to patients allergic to metallic dentures.

Cerec - CAD/CAM

Cerec - CAD/CAM crowns, bridges, fillings, endocrowns – this is the most modern, fastest and first-quality system used in fixed orthotics for fabrication of stand-alone crowns, bridges, less or more extensive fillings, which are precise, homogeneously, very firm and durable.

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Endodontics – is definite filling in root canals after their cleansing and their mechanical placing. Modern mechanical method with nickel-titanium instruments and subsequent hermetic sealing of canals are customary at our workplace.

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